Ordering an import With Figaro UK

Please take time to read this page; it contains all the information you need to order a Figaro from Figaro UK. We have access to well over 50,000 cars every week, so the choice you have is massive. 

Local forecourts may have something you quite like, but most times you will need to make a compromise - wrong colour, too high mileage or just too expensive. You could wait months and months for your ideal vehicle to become available, only to be beaten to the deal by someone else who wanted the same car as you.

Get what you want no need to compromise with our system you are virtually guaranteed the exact specification you want and at a price you want to pay. You need never compromise again, Email us exactly what you're looking for and your maximum budget. We will normally get back to you with all the latest cars up for auction within 24 hours; so make sure you check your email regularly!

Most of our initial business contact with you will be by email and telephone where you can ask us any questions and air any concerns you may have. Of course you are welcome and we urge you to visit us in York. If you are happy with our terms and conditions then we will take a very minimum £200 deposit from you and start looking for your dream car.

From the above info we will get to it straight away and supply you with pictures and details of possible matches. You can then decide if you want us to bid on them at an auction - we have sold over 200 cars in this manner, all to local and National people who trusted us to supply them with the exact car they specified.

You will be sent information on only the very best examples available. Our team in Japan check the car out fully before we purchase it. If you are buying an import you should insist that the dealer shows you the auction grading sheet for the car in question, for your piece of mind. 

Remember we are here to help you!

So you've seen the massive choice that you have available through us. 50,000 cars per week, with a several very good examples each week, and coupled with our affordable extensive package deal we offer on every car, for once you are guaranteed a good deal.

All our ordered vehicles come with

12 months MOT

Warranty Available

PDI Inspection

Full Valet

On the road and ready for you!

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